Why Custom Built “Crazy Computers” PC’s?

Custom built ‘white box or OEM” Systems offer a more reliable, more consistent, better quality product with better scope for future upgrade-ability.

A custom-configured system when professionally integrated by a quality system manufacturer who is dedicated to a quality product will usually be competitively priced with the multinational brands but will be better tailored to your clients specific needs, the needs of your business and have a lower total cost of ownership and in many cases will also be a more consistent product, with better security and better performance, expandability and ability to add features later so the systems also last longer.

Unlike the multinational systems, Custom configured systems utilize INDUSTRY STANDARD components which if problems do occur, may be easily restored with parts available virtually anywhere and also may be upgraded at a later date.

Crazy Computers professionally designs and custom builds several lines of desktop and server systems. Systems are built under a quality control environment and are extensively bench tested prior to dispatch with the latest diagnostic software to reduce possibility of any faulty components.

Our servers come in desktop, Mid/Full Tower and Rack Mount chassis and may be sold without an operating system or with.

Crazy Computers PC and server platforms provide many advantages over the products available from multinational vendors, as demonstrated on this chart:

Multi-National Brands

Crazy Computers

Quality components Proprietary components are often used. This lowers the initial PC cost but such parts are harder to find and more costly to replace should problems occur.

Only use top quality name-brand components that are widely available and easy to replace. C-Tick approved components.

Consistent Process
of Assembly
Although the PCs look the same externally, there is no guarantee that internal components are the same in every machine you order. Use third-party contract manufacturers awarded to lowest bidder, many produced offshore in labor surplus countries. Our quality assembly process guarantees you consistent configurations each and every time, making deployment and support easier.
Longer life The use of proprietary components means machines often can’t be upgraded and you will need to replace them as your needs change. All Crazy Computers PC and server systems are fully upgradeable, reducing your long-term costs.
Faster delivery Don’t usually stock the custom components required to make your machine – delivery dates can not be guaranteed. All machines are built-to-order and often shipped within 3-5 days, with many within 48 hours of your order.